Mango (mmrobitussin) wrote in banner_contest,


Want us to make a banner for you? Fill out this application:

Standard: width: 300; height: 100
Verticle: width: 100; height: 300
Other: any other size... please specify.

Character/Show: n/a
Username: mmrobitussin
Contest: banner_contest
Placements: 3rd Place
Week number: 5
Theme: Cuteness
Link to winning post: here
Fonts: Century Gothic
Brushes: None
Original Image: None
Size: Standard
File type: .png
Moving icon: n/a
Additional Information: n/a
By posting this, I realize that banner_contest is not liable for using my icon.

Please have no more than ONE banner request on this post at ANY GIVEN TIME.

Also, due to technical errors [broken images during your week], we may reassign a week to you until the error is fixed.

1. "I placed in an icontest that closed down and never recieved a banner. Would it be alright if I requested a banner here?"
You are allowed to claim icontest banners here if only and only if the link to your winning post is still active. The community itself does not have to be active, but you must show proof that you actually won the placement. Please provide a link to the winning post just as you would normally. Banners that do not have a complete link please request elsewhere.

2. "The theme was duo/trio icons and there are two icons that were created as a pair for the theme. Would it be alright if you could put the two icons on the same banner?"
Yes this is completely possible as long as the two icons are for the same week/contest/theme. Please put this information within the "Additional Information" section of the format.

3. "I won two placements, but separate icons, for the same week/contest/theme. Can I request ONE banner for these two icons?"
Due to the difficulty already of creating a banner with two icons, this community is not accepting banners for this kind of situation. Please request each icon individually.

4. "I won two placements for the same icon for the same week/contest/theme. May I request "one banner with both placements" or "two separate banners with each placement"?
As long as the icons are the same for the same week/contest/theme, you may request one banner with both placements or two separate banners with each placement. However, please state this in the "Additional Information" portion of the request. Be warned that if you request two separate banners with each placement, that the banners will most likely come out identical except for the placement.

5. "Are we allowed to request banners for communities that have banner makers?"
At this time it is allowed. If the privilege is abused, then this answer will change. However, for now it is completely allowed.

6. "My banner request submission post has been posted. May I request another banner?
You may request another banner as soon as the submission post for your first request is up. You do not have to wait until the week is over to request a new banner!
Tags: !requests

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