Mango (mmrobitussin) wrote in banner_contest,

Week 187: Winners

First Place(s):


*If first place winners would like a banner. Please comment to this post stating you want a banner.*
*The icon maker may ask for the name of the bannermaker from any banner on the voting post.*

A single person can only place using one banner despite how many votes the "second" banner may get. Also, after 3 weeks of first place wins, participants are not allowed to submit for the following 3 weeks in order to give other people a better chance of winning.

Good Comments
03 - I like the tie in colors and variety in the background for the banner portion. The theme on the banner seems unnecessary since it's the exact same text that is on the icon itself. Other than that, well laid out and easily readable.
03 - Interesting use of different text colours to compliment the icon and create visual interest, along with the background pattern.
03 - Great use of texture and matching text!
03 - This banner has great color and texture. The font also has good sizing.
Tags: week 187

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