Mango (mmrobitussin) wrote in banner_contest,

Week 187: Voting

Last voting for this community. This has been long delayed in the hopes that someone else would submit... Alas, no one else submittinged. Anyways, due to my schedule this weekend this is going up today. Hopefully we'll generate lots of votes for our final week instead.

1. Vote for 1 banner as your favorite. ALL VOTES ARE WEIGHED THE SAME. 1PT.
2. Vote because you like it, not because you feel that you must.
3. Do not vote for your own banner or use secondary accounts.
4. Give reasons for why you chose the top banners you did.
5. If you give insignificant reasons like: (i like cheese) then i will disqualify your votes.
7. You may give commentary and helpful ideas on the banners, but they will not be counted for anything.

Vote as so:

56- The colors are very nice. The image matches and the text is perfect.

62- Your banner seems a bit oversharpened. Perhaps using a light blur would help.

01 02
03 04

Votes are to be in before Monday, July 15, 2013 at 4PM PST.
Tags: week 187

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