Mango (mmrobitussin) wrote in banner_contest,

Week 186: Winners

First Place(s):


**#4 was by margyydoodle**


*If first place winners would like a banner. Please comment to this post stating you want a banner.*
*The icon maker may ask for the name of the bannermaker from any banner on the voting post.*

A single person can only place using one banner despite how many votes the "second" banner may get. Also, after 3 weeks of first place wins, participants are not allowed to submit for the following 3 weeks in order to give other people a better chance of winning.

Good Comments
01- Nice banner, the text looks good and is easy to read.
01- I really like the text of the banner. It matches nicely even though it is a tiny bit difficult to read because of the background.
02 - Nice continuation of the image. Interesting way of dividing up the image from the text. The text area seems a little squished compared to image space, but otherwise is nicely laid out. Also did not include the theme as the banner request stated.
02 - Great use of image, and very creative!
02 - While I'm not a fan of the choice of font, I love how seamlessly this banner came together, and the composition is so original!
02- Nice image continuation and very good use of comic layout elements
02 - Great job matching up the image, plus creative use of the panel edges and text choice to re-create a comic styled layout.
02 - Very creative. The way you completed the icon was very nicely done.
03- Interesting layout & use of image duplication
04 - Awesome use of text, and perfect blend of texture.
04 - Good variation on text and matching the background texture. Would add the theme as requested in the submissions post, but otherwise well laid out.
04 - The seamless addition of the texture is lovely, and the text is well chosen and easy to read. Wonderful job!
04 - Wonderful typographic treatment and continuation of background texture to compliment the icon without detracting focus.
05- I like how you continued the color of her hair for the banner. Simple but effective.

Other Comments
01 - While I really like how the texture has been extended seamlessly from the icon into the banner, I feel that the font you used is a little heavy, and the angle of the text is somewhat awkward. Perhaps centering all of the text would have been more effective.
03 - The interesting choice of light blue text instead of the red or black is very pretty!
05 - The plain red background keeps the focus on the icon, which is wonderful, but I believe the overall banner is a little bland. Adding some subtle texturing may have helped without drawing the focus away from the icon.
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