calamity from the skies (gunshou) wrote in banner_contest,
calamity from the skies

Week 186: Submission

This is Week 186!

We'll keep posting contests as long as we can, but we really need people to submit. Won't you please make some banners for this great icon?

* You may submit as many banners as you want.
* The banner fits the request.
* Must have the appropriate and correct information.
* The banner cannot be a carbon copy of someone else's or your own.
* Do not change the original icon in any way, shape, or form.
* EVERYONE can participate (whether they had a bad week last week or not does not matter.)
* It must also follow these rules.

Please submit in the following format:

Character/Show: Wanda/The Sandman
Username: kyriefluffins
Contest: sandman_itest
Placements: Second
Week number: 04
Theme: Beyond the Endless
Link to winning post: here
Brushes: by shalowater
Original Image: here
Size: 100x300
File type: .png
Additional Information: Please include the theme!

Banners must be submitted before Friday, April 5 at 9 PM EST.

Want to affiliate or make suggestions? Go here!

We need more icon submissions to keep going! Want us to make your banner? Go here!
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